James Gurevich
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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, James Gurevich who was born in Simi Valley, California , on June 19, 1988 and passed away on November 24, 2005 at the age of 17. James was not alone and passed with his 2 cousins, Dave and Joseph. We will remember them forever.

James was born on Father's Day and what a day that was.  I finally knew what true love was the first time I looked into my baby boy's eyes.  I was a young mother, only 21 and unsure of life at the time.  He showed me what life should be and I changed that day.....He was such a good baby.  He turned out to be a wonderful young man and I am so very proud of him. 

James was such a happy, quiet and bright baby.  He never cried or fussed.  He did the usual teenage things, however, and there were times I thought we would never get him back.  With his stepfather, Rob and I by his side the last 3 years, he turned around to be such a wonderful young man!  He had a 4.0 grade average in school.  He would bring home his progress reports and report cards and put them on the refrigerator, just like a little boy!  He was very proud and had many goals.  After he passed, we were given his journals from his English teacher.  He wrote that he was happy with his family and that he wanted to marry and one day own his own electrical business.  He loved to learn all about the electrical trade with his stepfather.  I am so very sad that I will never be able to meet his children, wife and see that beautiful boy marry someday.  His death has forever changed our family and my life.  

I travel this journey
Wish was untrue
Must go on somehow
Somehow without you

Life doesn't sparkle
Lost all of it's charm
Wish I could hold you
once more in my arms

Each day and each night
Longing for you
I imagine forever
That's what I shall do

As I do wake
To face a new day
Pain is what greets me
It won't go away

Sadly it's years now
My heart hurts the same
Time will help heal
Or so they proclaim

I just won't believe
Someday I'll be fine
I know how I feel
It would just be denying

Truth is I know
Tears forever will flow
So tired of hearing
It is time to let go

They haven't a clue
This pain in my heart
No way at all
For a fresh start

I guess I'll pretend
Wear this tight mask
I'm tired and weary
Grief is a hard task

In loving memory of Joey Sorenson and his Heavenly buddies
Lyndie Sorenson
Copyright September 2006

Outside His Bedroom Door

I look into his private world
Outside his bedroom door
A place where he laughed and lived
A place he lives no more

The friends that came to visit
The bed where he did sleep
Tears begin to cloud my eyes
I stand and start to weep

The desk where he did school work
His clothes that he did wear
His life that he was living
Without a single care

Some pictures that were special
A girlfriend's secret note
His television he did watch...
On the table his remote

His hats sit on a rack now
His helmet from his bike
The memories are painful
A life I do not like

His cologne no longer lingers
As it did once in our home
Visions of him by my side
But I am just alone

I look into his private world
Outside his bedroom door
A place where he laughed and lived
A place he lives no more

In loving memory of Joey Sorenson
Lyndie Sorenson
Copyright October 2006

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Tributes and Condolences
Happy bday   / Brady Cole (great friend )
Happy birthday bro miss you and I know everyone else does too
A whisper   / Karina Kayser (Friend of mom )
We always want one more....one more hug smile your voice. James you're painfully missed by many and thankfully your memory remains strong in the heart of all your loved ones and even those of us that did not have the honor of meeting you. Please send...  Continue >>
I said goodbye to you 5 years ago today   / Mom
and I never would have thought it would have been the last time.  We celebrated your last meal with our whole family and our family was "whole".  Now we are broken.  I know in my heart you are in a better place and are saving...  Continue >>
James :[   / Lynchey Johnshon (Besht French )
what is going on james? watching the video of you and marcus with brianna in the background... all three of you. gone. i'm heartbroken at all the losses and tragic placements of these awakenings. i'm devastated at the fact that i'll never look into t...  Continue >>
i miss you   / Aly (Friend)
James, i miss you so much...i was laying in bed and memories of you popped into my head and tears flooded my eyes...remember when you and matt and scott pranked me and i stupidly believed it? then you appologized with a slight snicker everytime yo...  Continue >>
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