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Happy bday  / Brady Cole (great friend )  Read >>
Happy bday  / Brady Cole (great friend )
Happy birthday bro miss you and I know everyone else does too Close
A whisper  / Karina Kayser (Friend of mom )  Read >>
A whisper  / Karina Kayser (Friend of mom )
We always want one more....one more hug smile your voice. James you're painfully missed by many and thankfully your memory remains strong in the heart of all your loved ones and even those of us that did not have the honor of meeting you. Please send a whisper of love to your mom on this day....this day that rushes to mind your being called away so swiftly and unexpectedly. Let your angel wings brush the silent tears from her face and a hushed kiss replace them. Can you take care of my Haley while you're at it? From all the messages your mother family and friends post there is no doubt that love rings eternal. Blessings to all on this tragic day. Karina♥ Close
I said goodbye to you 5 years ago today  / Mom   Read >>
I said goodbye to you 5 years ago today  / Mom
and I never would have thought it would have been the last time.  We celebrated your last meal with our whole family and our family was "whole".  Now we are broken.  I know in my heart you are in a better place and are saving a place for us but dammit it sure hurts knowing you are not here.................I hope you know how much you are loved and missed........and our Thanksgiving table will never be the same without that smile.
Love you
Mom Close
James :[  / Lynchey Johnshon (Besht French )  Read >>
James :[  / Lynchey Johnshon (Besht French )

what is going on james? watching the video of you and marcus with brianna in the background... all three of you. gone. i'm heartbroken at all the losses and tragic placements of these awakenings. i'm devastated at the fact that i'll never look into the eyes of you brianna matt and now marcus? i was warned once upon a time and ill never forget it that these things would happen. but there is no getting used to the fact that it just keeps happening. you're all still not here not home or where you should be...

im so lost today. today more than any other... and i haven't even cried. i'm so broken on the inside if i ever showed that on the outside i'd never stop. there's so much i have to say that i dont know how to put into words. i dont know where my future lies whether it be in "God's" hands your hands my own. everyone's dropping like flies. and to think thousands die each day... i miss you. i miss you so much. you'll always be one of the best friends i'd ever had. ever. i know ive disappointed you and im so sorry james. to think that after only my first seizure you were right there and today i've had seven... what made me ever think that alcohol was the way to solve everything? i love you james please come to me. help me. i promise ill never get back into the things ive done to hurt you up there. im home and plan on staying here even if it costs loosing everyone i thought were my friends. i just want to know you're ok... i love you so much i'd give every ounce of what i have in myself to bring you all back for just one day... im so hurt i dont know what else to say just please. help me. i love you all so much. i will forever have you all in my heart and mind. please dont let me break. i have too much at risk...


i love you so much.


i miss you  / Aly (Friend)  Read >>
i miss you  / Aly (Friend)
James, i miss you so much...i was laying in bed and memories of you popped into my head and tears flooded my eyes...remember when you and matt and scott pranked me and i stupidly believed it? then you appologized with a slight snicker everytime you saw me after that =]...i still tell people im a total gangsta but people dont always agree like you [even if you were just humoring me]...its not fair you were taken so soon...my great aunt just joined you hope you show her around [but careful shell talk your ear off]...i miss your hugs...i love you man <3, AlyGator Close
Hello Honey  / Mom   Read >>
Hello Honey  / Mom

I am thinking about you, as always, but today I am starting to sink......I miss you so very much, and the horrible thing is, we have lost the support of the entire family over all this.  That makes our loss even more painful.  I cannot fathom a lifetime without you, although we are learning through time, it's pain eases a bit.  There are so many things we wanted to share with you, and cannot, all over a tragic night with family.  I love you, and I need you to watch over our family.  Things are not easy now and I pray that you are safe, happy and with our family and loved ones already there waiting for you.

Love, Mom

Celebration of Joey  / Terrie Whiteman (friend of his Mom )  Read >>
Celebration of Joey  / Terrie Whiteman (friend of his Mom )

Dear James,

A very Happy Birthday in heaven today with all of the angels.

Love,Terrie (Joey's Mom)

Happy 20th Birthday in Heaven  / Mom   Read >>
Happy 20th Birthday in Heaven  / Mom
Another day without you and my heart aches..........I love you and hope you have found Papa John and Grandma Gail's loving arms and are safe with God.  Show us today your angel hugs as we celebrate your special day....
Love, Mom Close
Hello James  / Mom   Read >>
Hello James  / Mom

I haven't written here in so long.  I'm sorry.  I mostly write you on myspace.  I miss your face, your smile.......sooo much.  Have you and Brianna found each other yet?  I hope you two are together doing your thing in Heaven.  I love you forever and ever my sweet son.

Love, Mom

3rd Heavens Day  / Rhonda   Read >>
3rd Heavens Day  / Rhonda
Miss u so much.. 
Send kisses down to all of us...  
Protect us all .
I love you James Close
3rd Thanksgiving in Heaven  / Mom   Read >>
3rd Thanksgiving in Heaven  / Mom
You left us on Thanksgiving.  I cannot fathom another one without you.  We are going camping today, and I am very scared to leave today like we did 2 years ago.  Please watch over us and make sure we ALL come home this time.  I hope you, Mom and Dad are having a wonderful Thanksgiving together in heaven.
I love you,
Mom Close
Missing you  / Debi Johnson (friend)  Read >>
Missing you  / Debi Johnson (friend)
Dear James, Well here we are. Coming up on 2 years. It's been a rough year and I know you know why, so can you please check up on my dad and my friends for me. Tell them I love them and miss them something awful and of course I love and miss you too kiddo. You must have some big ole' angel wings by now. Use them to help others and to visit your mom once in a while. Had to get rid of the microwave. You know darn well why too!!!! I love you James. Have a Happy Thanksgiving in Heaven!!! Close
Hello James  / Mom   Read >>
Hello James  / Mom
It's been almost 2 years since we lost you.  I cannot believe it.  I still hear your laugh and voice, I hope I never lose that.  Sometimes I even smell you.  It hurts to come to this mark in our lives, every year.  I cannot begin to fathom a lifetime without you.  Please visit me?
Love you, always and forever,
Mom Close
Happy B- day  / Rhonda (Friend)  Read >>
Happy B- day  / Rhonda (Friend)
We were in Havasu on your birthday. I thought about you. 
  I thought about the time you and Willie hiked up that steep hill and when you came down you just fell in the water and layed there, Oh ya after you peed in it of course.  It was so much fun taking you on those trips.  James thank you for sharing your life with us.  You will always be my second son in my heart.  Hug Hailey for me her Birthday is coming up also.  Miss you!!!
I miss you.  / Matt M. (Best Friend )  Read >>
I miss you.  / Matt M. (Best Friend )
I miss you james........
Cant wait to see you again.
You are the Greatest Friend that I have ever had,
I will never forget you, you were the best person that I knew
and I know we will be able to hang out again someday.

I love you brother.
You / Wendy (Mom)  Read >>
You / Wendy (Mom)
There was nothing like you hugging me and telling me you love me James.  I would love to feel your arms around me now.....I miss you so very much and so much has happened I wish I could talk to you. Close
Maybe one day  / Jennifer Perez (Friend)  Read >>
Maybe one day  / Jennifer Perez (Friend)
James will meet my mom & they'll have a laugh together.

They were both amazing individuals. Close
I Know Your Pain  / Linda Rose   Read >>
I Know Your Pain  / Linda Rose
Wendy and Family
My heart goes out to you as I sit here reading the things that you have written...I sooo know your pain!
I know Our Angels are in a better place...they are the lucky ones!
As much as we cry, get mad and wish they would come back, I have come to realize that they wouldn't come back even if they could.
Love and Hug's
Linda Rose
Angel Mom of Cainan Michael Tucker

Happy Valentines James~ Love You!  / Shaye Creamer ^i^ Mack's Mom~ Love You (Grieving with You )  Read >>
Happy Valentines James~ Love You!  / Shaye Creamer ^i^ Mack's Mom~ Love You (Grieving with You )

Keeping you forever close in my heart, thoughts, and prayers.
Happy Valentines Precious Angel James! God Bless You!
Always, Shaye, Mack's Mom Forever
www.kenneth-creamer.memory-of.com Close
You are always on my mind  / Mom (Mom)  Read >>
You are always on my mind  / Mom (Mom)
I am missing you as usual.  It makes me so teary to see the comments people leave you.  I wish it were different.  How can this be true?  It seems so very wrong that you are gone.  Only our hearts know each other now......Love you Close
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