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I think of you when I hear this song  / Rhonda (family friend )  Read >>
I think of you when I hear this song  / Rhonda (family friend )
You Were Just Here
(Troy Verges, Brett James, Hillary Lindsay)

I woke up at 5 a.m.
Hearin' your voice again
But it was just the TV
Comin' from the other room
Your half-empty coffee cup
Sitting right where it was
I almost moved it last night
But it didn't feel right
It's too soon, it's too soon
It still feels like

You were just here
You were just holding me
I was alright
I never would have believed
That you'd go away
That you could just disappear
When you were just here

The calender on the wall
Doesn't miss you at all
It still says you'll be there
With us all on Christmas Eve
The picture you hung last week
Keeps starin' back at me
There we are still laughin
Like nothin' ever happened
But I still feel you in the air
It's not fair, it's not fair

You were just here
You were just holding me
I was alright
I never would have believed
That you'd go away
That you could just disappear
When you were just here

I reach out and you're not there
But I still feel you everywhere
No matter how much I try
How hard I cry
It still feels like
You were just here
You were just holding me
I was alright
I never would have believed
That you'd go away
You could just disappear
When you were just here
You were just here
You were just here

Missing Our Angels  / Teresa (Angel Mom Of Kris) (Passerby)  Read >>
Missing Our Angels  / Teresa (Angel Mom Of Kris) (Passerby)
I am so sorry for your loss. I too lost my son, Kristopher Johnson at the age of 17. He was born in 1988 and died in 2005. I wish you peace this New Year and we all know that if we could we would go and bring them back home again. God Bless you and make the happy days a little happier and the sad days a little sweeter. We have our special angels with us always.

Ipods / Mom   Read >>
Ipods / Mom
We all got Ipods for Christmas....funny how things like Ipods make me think of you...Everytime I put the earpiece in my ears, I flash back to you and how you ALWAYS had your earpieces in your ear or hanging out of your shirt....even when you died, those damned things were in your ears!  I miss you and we really need you here.  Watch over your sister.  Shane needs to learn some life lessons,as well.  Teach him to treat his dad better, please?  He respected you and misses you too....maybe you can plant a seed in his brain that his dad deserves better than he gives now.  I love you!  HUGS from Mom Close
Merry Christmas in Heaven, Honey  / Mom   Read >>
Merry Christmas in Heaven, Honey  / Mom
As we celebrate our second Christmas without you, it still seems so unreal.  We miss you and wish you were here with us, but instead, you will celebrate with Grandma and Grandpa.  We think of you all the time, and you are never out of my thoughts and heart, that's for sure.  My mom heart is always breaking without you here.  Christmas was your favorite and I only hope that you are enjoying it in your heavenly place.  Kisses from all of us, my dear.  I love you, always, Mom Close
Merry Christmas  / Debi Johnson (Mom friend )  Read >>
Merry Christmas  / Debi Johnson (Mom friend )
Merry Christmas James ! They say heaven throws one hell of a party. I'm sure you're up there dancing with the angels. The day will come when we all dance together again. We miss you James. The house is just too quiet without you around. Let your mom know that you're okay.... got it !  We love you and miss you so... much. Debi, Robert & Cassidy Close
Your first Thanksgiving, sort of in Heaven  / Mom   Read >>
Your first Thanksgiving, sort of in Heaven  / Mom
You passed Thanksgiving, and we are trying desparately to get through this day.  We are going to cook a turkey for you.  My heart just isn't in it, and I so miss you.  It will be so hard tomorrow to know you are gone 365 days!  You made me so very proud in your last year in life.  Straight A's, 4.0, trying to me the best to show me you could.  You are the best, and always will be!
Hugs for my angel on Thanksgiving, forever my baby.
Love you,
Mom Close
Thanksgiving Blessings  / Shaye Creamer ^i^ Mack's Mom~ Love You (Grieving with You )  Read >>
Thanksgiving Blessings  / Shaye Creamer ^i^ Mack's Mom~ Love You (Grieving with You )
Good morning  / Mom   Read >>
Good morning  / Mom
All I can think of, is this time last year....you had only a week or so to live.  Did you know?  Somewhere in the back of your mind?  I miss you my angel, and love you deeper than ever.  Please know we are thinking of you all the time, and missing your smile, your hugs, your voice, and humor.  We are truly a broken family without you. Close
James / Natalie Camp   Read >>
James / Natalie Camp
I am sorry for the loss of your son James. I understand the pain and sorrow you are going through. I also understand that it will never go away or be okay. I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.
Natalie, mommy to Angel Anthony Paul. Close
Thinking of you  / Mom   Read >>
Thinking of you  / Mom
I just look at your picture sometimes, and I think NO way, this can't have happened.  It is too hard to fathom.  I miss you so much, James.  Jessie, Rob and I just cry and scream at different times, but we all feel the deep and raw pain that is missing you.  I believe you are watching over us, and I hope you continue with God, to do so.  We need you in our lives, even if it is just your presence in spirit.  Please never leave us.  I want to talk to you, there are so many things I would say.  I have so much  to tell you about.  Work, home, school.  I hope to someday get the chance to talk to you about all of it.  I love you so much.  Love,
Mom Close
hey buddy!  / Lyndsey Johnson (best friends )  Read >>
hey buddy!  / Lyndsey Johnson (best friends )

hey mister! i just wanted to write you tell you that i love you and i miss you. and me and jill were just talking about how everyone seems to be forgetting that you're gone, and in a within the next year or so, you won't even be brought up anymore. well, i'm letting you know now that that's never going to happen, everything about you, your smile, your laugh, any and every times we shared together will forever be with me, and i'll NEVER forget you, that's a promise! i love you, James and miss you ssssooooo much. life isn't even near being as great as it was when you were still here, i hope you already realized that. i love you!

Thinking of your beautful smile  / Mom   Read >>
Thinking of your beautful smile  / Mom
I am listening to Tupac with Rob...thinking of you when Dear Mama came on........We are getting the house together.  We wish you were here with us.  In body, I mean.  Jessie is working and her progress report was awesome.  We are proud of her.  Keep watching and guiding her.  Look out for Nicholas, too.  He needs you.  I hope you came with us and didn't stay in your old room.  You have a new one here, with your bed and some of your things.  We are making sure to put your stuff there, so you will always be a part of our home.  Love you, sweet angel!
Mom Close
As I Hold You in It's Flight  / Justin Lesh's Family   Read >>
As I Hold You in It's Flight  / Justin Lesh's Family

Did you see that butterfly
flying towards your way?
Fluttering up above you
as if it wants to say.

I am all around you
circling ever so close.
Making sure you notice it
in the wind that often blows?

I'm sending you those butterflies
in hopes that you will see.
That I am always thinking of you
and sending love from me.

Sometimes you will see just one,
or maybe two or three.
So you’ll stop and feel my love
and know that they're from me.

I send them all in many colors
yellow, brown, or blue.
I send them to you all the time
to let you know that "I love you".

So the next time that you see
a butterfly close around.
Stop and watch it, think of me
not needing to make a sound.

With the beauty of its wings
always staying in your sight.
Carrying all my hugs and love,
as I hold you in its flight.

©2006 Shannon Seckman

Hello My Son  / Mom   Read >>
Hello My Son  / Mom
I am packing your room.  I hope you don't mind.  We are putting your special things in a new room at our new house.  I miss you so much and it tears my heart out to "erase" you....but we really aren't.  We will take the most special part of you and fill our home and hearts with you.  I see you everyday in one way or another, and it helps.  I want to thank you for that.  I would love a dream or two.  Why can't I dream of you?  Send me one, please?  Take care of us down here, and kiss Mom, Dad and now Grandma......Are you there to show her around, James?  She was probably pretty surprised to see you and Grandma Gail there!  We couldn't tell her, James.  It would have killed her to know her only daughter and first grandchild crossed over before her.  Anyway, please come again and visit.  I love you dearly.
Mom Close
dreams of you  / Nicole McG (Friend)  Read >>
dreams of you  / Nicole McG (Friend)
james!!! I had a other dream about you... You were running from something... Ahhhh what is it? Are you trying to tell me something... Or m i tripping? I still have dreams about george too... Its weird... zi talked to him tho,,, todayo r really the 14th was our anniversry... lol i know i know. .... LAME. But w.e i know and im sure you know we still need each other... Hes way diff. now... really into drugs i guess... He got a job... so i hear... lol... Dont you just love simi gosp. and i have no clue if hes with that one girl i fought lol that shit was funny wish you were there on that one... all your friends where tho... It was GREAT lol she still thinks she "fucked me up" lol we all know what really happend lol grrrr i miss you... Im in havasu right now working lol you wouldnt like where lol or you might ; ) lol uhhhh im moving back to riverside... NO MORE san diego. wooo wooo back to the IE baby. lol well my dad wanted me to move back in with him so i can finish apollo and be with george but i rather not. it sounds good but i cant stand my dad... your sis and everyone else went to his house chillin on 4th of july i could swear i know you were with us!!! I love jess shes a cutie... got to watch out for the boys with her... i know you want to be here being the big bro beating them away... but lets hope matts got it handeld... other than that i love you and got to go to bed... hope to see you in my dreams... but stop running!! Close
Washington / Mom   Read >>
Washington / Mom
We are leaving today for Washington.  I know you and Papa John WILL be there.  That was his favorite place to camp.  I will think of you the whole time we are there.  The last time we were there together, we scattered Papa's ashes.  I know you and Grandma Gail and Papa John are all there looking after us.  Hey, make sure the cancer is gone, ok?  I am counting on you buddy!!!  Please watch over our drive and get us there safely, ok?  Love you so much and miss you terribly.

Love you, Mom Close
The Chain Will Link Again,
Little did we know that night,
God was going to call your name.
In life we loved you dearly.
In death we do the same.
It broke our hearts to lose you,
you did not go alone,
for part of us went with you,
the day God called you home.
You left us beautiful memories,
your love is still our guide.
And though we cannot see you,
you are always by our side.
Our family chain is broken
And nothing seems the same.
But God calls us one by one,
the chain will link again.
Forever Smiling  / Linda Lewis (GP group friend )  Read >>
Forever Smiling  / Linda Lewis (GP group friend )
I was so impressed by James' smile.  Always keep it in your memories.  I am sorry that we have all had to have the bond that we do.  No one will ever know our pain until they have experienced it.  We are a special group of people!  Feel peace in knowing that our children have also made new relationships that are full of love and peace.  My heart grieves for you and your family.
Love & Warmth,
Grant's Mom
www.Grant-Lewis.virtual-memorials.com Close
For you and your mom, James  / Julieann Wiest (god mother daughter )  Read >>
For you and your mom, James  / Julieann Wiest (god mother daughter )
If Tears Could Build a Stairway

If tears could bulid a stairway
 and memories a lane.
I would walk right up to Heaven
 and bring you back again.
No farewell words were spoken.
 No time to say "Goodbye".
You were gone before I knew it,
 and only God knows why.
My heart still aches with sadness,
 and secret tears still flow. 
What it meant to love you-
 No one can ever know.
But now I know you want me
 to mourn for you no more.
To remember all the happy times,
 life still has much more in store.
Since you'll never be forgotten,
 I pledge to you today-
A hollowed place within my heart,
 is where you'll always stay.

You and your mom are always on our minds. I know in my heart you are watching over your family and seeing things go right for them. You are miss and wish we could have got a chance to grow with you. God bless you and your family. Let God know I am greatful he was watching over me on my surgery. Take care James, we love you.
miss u bro  / Jessica Gurevich (lil sis )  Read >>
miss u bro  / Jessica Gurevich (lil sis )
hey bro!! god i miss u so much!!! i got my license!!! ive been driving the van right now and i know u would hate it but ill be driving the camero!! im really excited!!me and jill have gotten really close lately...she is over alot..she practically lives here...lol...now i know why u loved her so much...i love that girl like my own lil sis....im taking care of her now that u cant be here...and matt is taking care of all of us...i know u'd be proud of us...all the things we've accomplished since u've been gone and all the ways we've grown(matt graduating and getting his license and now working with rob and bobbo, me getting my license and getting a job, jill is staying out of trouble, lyndsey is doing better in school)...i know thats u helping us...i just wish u were here to go through it all with us...when we went to the lake on sunday i had fun but it just wasnt right without u there...same with the camping trip we went on the other weekend...GOD!!! im going through so much right now and i just want my big brother here with me!!! i still to this day feel like ur just on vacation or something...everytime i see a picture of u or see "R.I.P. JAMES AARON GUREVICH" i feel like its wrong...like it shouldnt say that cuz its not true...but then reality hits me and i know that it is true....i just wish u could come back...but i know it wont happen so until the day we meet again...I LOVE U AND I MISS U!!!
<3 lil sis
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