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Scary times  / Mom   Read >>
Scary times  / Mom
I know you are there watching over us James.  I need to ask you and God for strength and a miracle.  Surgery is coming up and I want to live.  I need to be here for your sister, brother and your stepdad.  I want to be there with you, too, but I am needed here still.  I don't think they could handle another loss like yours.  That was hell and still is.  Please watch over me when they put me under to remove the bad cells......I love you and will see you one day soon.
Love, Mom Close
Missing you as always  / Mom   Read >>
Missing you as always  / Mom
I saw what Lyndsey wrote......It just doesn't seem to get any easier.  I cry for you all the time and you are always in my thoughts.  I have a hole in my heart and now Grandma is getting close to going home with you.  Are you still coming to us and protecting us?  We need this from you son.  Please let me know when you are there.  I am kind of stupid and don't ever feel you around unless I go in your room.  I hope you are happy, and if so, please send some happiness our way, ok?  I love you my son Close
I miss you :`[  / Lyndsey Johnson (best friends )  Read >>
I miss you :`[  / Lyndsey Johnson (best friends )

"lyndsey i dont kno if u talked to matt or anybody but james got into a car accident last night and he didnt make it...he died instantly so there was no pain but if u read my bulletin ull figure out some of it....but if u want to know more call my moms cell 732-7651
i love u baby
<3 jess"

This is a message I can't seem to erase. I still can't put the words together. I still can't see you anywhere but here. I still can't get over the fact that the only way to hear your voice is by voicemail. And I still can't allow myself to move on from this situation. 

I can't bring myself to believe that you aren't here to talk to anymore or hang out with.
I haven't had as good a time since you've passed. 
I'm SO afraid that our memories together will become blurry.
When I came home the day I found out of your passing I ran to my room and the first thing I did was look for the pictures I'd had of you.
I was suprised at the fact that you were still in them and I was scared that you would've disappeared from the picture as well as my life.
I don't know if you understand what I'm saying but it was good knowing that my pictures of you had remained the same.
I saw my mom go through the death of her best friend and I never did picture loosing one of my own.
Especially you.
I'm so frustrated right now and want you to be here.
I want this all to be one big dream.
Dealing with your passing is something I'd never dealt with before and I'm telling you right now, it's not easy and one of the hardest things having to go through life knowing.
You were too strong, nothing could've destroyed you.
Nothing got in your way, and when it did you'd get yourself out of it.
I'd never thought.
Times like these are brutal.
Sitting down, thinking, It'll already be a YEAR in 4 months and 1 week from today.
It isn't fair.
Not to me, Matt, YOUR FAMILY, everyone.
But the memories we have of you will forever remain in our hearts.
Best believe negro.

James / Mom   Read >>
James / Mom
It has been so long....I think of you every day and wonder what you are doing now........Are you friends with Joe?  Are you mad at him for driving like an asshole?  I am but that won't change anything.  Just keep with me and all will be well.  I love you sweetie. Close
BALLOONS TO HEAVEN  / Rhonda G. (Family Friend )  Read >>
BALLOONS TO HEAVEN  / Rhonda G. (Family Friend )
James ,
I hope you loved all the balloons that were sent up to you today.  What a sight. You could see them from miles away.  It was a wonderful sight.  I was so proud of your Mom she read a very special poem.  It was really hard for her to read it but you gave her strength and she was great.  
We all miss you James.  It's still very hard to believe you have been gone for 7 months.  I miss seeing your smile and you waving to me when I was going to work and you were going to school.  I really miss that.
Play around of golf in Heaven and remember we love  you.
Your Graduation Day  / Mom   Read >>
Your Graduation Day  / Mom
Well, we got through it, and what a beautiful evening it was!  Matt's Mom had a cake that said Congratulations Matt and James....It was very kind to include you with your best friend on his special day, as well.  I am quite moved by the words they spoke of you as they announced each kid accepting their diploma.  They were worried about Matt keeping on track when you started with him at his school, but you BOTH surprised them by your great grades.  Poor Matt has been through losing you and still managed to keep going and the reqard was walking the graduation walk!!!  I know you HAD to be there last night with all of your graduating friends, especially Matt.  I love you and I need more heavenly hugs honey!!
Love, Mom Close
Happy Birthday James  / Gail (Mom of Angel Kristin )  Read >>
Happy Birthday James  / Gail (Mom of Angel Kristin )

Oh man ... What a day without our kids. I try to find the precious memories of birthdays past, but I just want her here. So much to try to get a grip on. 

James, you look so easy going. A jokester. Handsome. Unique. 

I hope you and Kristin are having a party beyond our imagination. I'm reaching out with warm wishes and hugs to your mom today. Gosh we miss you guys!!


HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY JAMES  / Mom   Read >>
Jammer, we are thinking about you even more today as you celebrate the most waited for birthday in heaven.  I know how excited you were to be graduating and turning 18!  You couldn't wait.  I am sorry this was taken from you.  I will graduate for you and be proud to accept that diploma for you.  I hope you are having the time of your life celebrating in heaven.  I love you honey....
Love, Mom Close
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMES!  / Joan-mom Of Angel Becky Vidmosko   Read >>
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMES!  / Joan-mom Of Angel Becky Vidmosko
Blessings to you on Jame's Birthday  / Cynthia Beck   Read >>
Blessings to you on Jame's Birthday  / Cynthia Beck
I knew David through his brother Patrick. A friend of mine was arrested for DUI and I sent him some info on the accident. He was lucky. Came across your lovely tribute to James. You and your family are very brave. You will be in my prayers all day, this Father's Day and tomorrow, James' Birthday. Remember No Love is Ever Wasted. Close
hey..... / Matt Mcgowan (Brother)  Read >>
hey..... / Matt Mcgowan (Brother)
hey buddy, i just wanted to thank you for what you helped me do.
i want to thank you for giving me insperation to do better, and i am trying.
guess what??????, were graduating, i just also wanted to thank you because you are one of th biggest reasons i am graduating, and i hope you know that we will always be best friends, wogedy!!!
i miss you, i will never forgete you and everything i accomplish will because i know you are here helping me and everyone els.

P.S. Thanks for the Gift :-D 
meaning that being lyndsey thank you for that, she is the best thing that has ever happend to me, you and her mean the world to me..
ill talk to you later.
peace brother Close
your first birthday in heaven  / Rosanna Wiest (godmother)  Read >>
your first birthday in heaven  / Rosanna Wiest (godmother)


Birthday soon  / Mom   Read >>
Birthday soon  / Mom
James, your 18th birthday will be here before we know it.  I hope you see all the balloons we will send to you.  We are going to PROUDLY accept your diploma on Wednesday.  We are sooo proud of you and your accomplishments in your short life.  Please watch over Jessie and Nicholas.  We will see you soon.  I love you so very much.
Love, Mom Close
=[[[ / Lyndsey Johnson (besht french )  Read >>
=[[[ / Lyndsey Johnson (besht french )

I hate you not being here honestly. If you were here you would know exactly what to do and say to make me feel better. I know you know what's going on, and I'm sick of hurting him and myself. So I decided just to let go. I think it'll be better for the both of us. But you brought us together, I know you did and I thank every minute for letting me experience what we had. I love you James and miss you a lot.


It amazes me  / Mom   Read >>
It amazes me  / Mom
How many memories of you your friends told at your grave yesterday.  It was fun remembering how sickening and funny you were.  Your friends really love you, James, and it was apparent at how many showed up there for your 6 months anniversary in heaven.  The one thing that always came up was how funny you were.  It was neat.  I love you babe. Close
6 months today  / Mom (Mom)  Read >>
6 months today  / Mom (Mom)
I cannot fathom a lifetime without you James.  6 months of pure hell and heartache is what it has been.  I miss you and wonder how we will do it.  Your stepfather called me this morning...Big scary Rob......crying at his jobsite in front of all the men.  He is taking this so hard, too.  I hope you know that he loved you like his own.  We try to remember all the goof things...all the happy memories.  Lake San Antonio last Memorial Day.....you on the tube with Taylor, Shane and Jessica.  We had the BOMB weekend.  Then in August when you walked me down the aisle for my wedding.  WOW.....those are the memories I will always cherish.  You were my hero, and still are.  I love you James.....forever Close
hii. / Lyndsey Johnson (best friends )  Read >>
hii. / Lyndsey Johnson (best friends )
Hi James,
Tomorrow is going to be 6 months since your accident. I don't want to believe it. Everytime I wake up and see your picture it hits me harder and harder every morning. I just hate the fact the god took YOU out of all people. Why couldn't it have been someone not worth being here. Everytime I think about you and the memories we had, it makes me really upset yet it still puts a smile on my face knowing I had you in my life and always will. I miss you more than ever and I love you so much. I wish you could be here, me and matt are perfect, I'm happier with him than I could ever be with anyone else. But I guess I just wanted to write and tell you that you are one of my best friends and that's the way it shall remain for ETERNITY. Got that... ETERNITY! But anyways, I love you. I hope to see you in my dreams soon... just please... not sexually I have a boyfriend, thank you. haha. you're funny. okay so basically I'm just babbling on now so I'm gonna go and sleep now.
James and the Microwave  / Debi Johnson (Lynchey's mommy )  Read >>
James and the Microwave  / Debi Johnson (Lynchey's mommy )

Hi James, Okay so what's up with the microwave?  I have a funny feeling that you have found my Julie and you two are up to some pretty crazy stuff. Now as freaky as it is to hit the buttons on my microwave (Julies been doing that for a while now) I'm pretty sure you're the one that is actually turning it on (now that is freaky!) So I have a favor!!! I LOVE hearing from you two silly's BUT can you try to curb you're silly antics to waking hours... you know what I'm talkin' bout 2:30 in the morning. Come on dude whaz up with that??? Actually last nite was cool 8:30 and 9:15 (I can deal with that)......

I may sound crazy but I truly believe that this may be the way of connecting with us - I just wish I knew what the numbers stood for. They are always different.

Until we meet again, I love and miss you tons..... you and Julie stay tight.

Forever,  Deb

Mother's Day  / Mom (Mom)  Read >>
Mother's Day  / Mom (Mom)
My first without you......I didn't know it would be so hard....I sat at your grave this morning, as I always do every Sunday, but this time it was different.  This is a day to be together,,,,maybe we were and  just didn't get it.  I love you so much, my son..... Close
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