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Mother's Day  / Debbie Wengert (Kevin Wengert's Mom )  Read >>
Mother's Day  / Debbie Wengert (Kevin Wengert's Mom )

Mother You filled my days with rainbow lights,
fairytales and sweet dream nights,
A kiss to wipe away my tears,
Gingerbread to ease my fears.
You gave the gift of life to me,
And then in love, you set me free.
I thank you for your tender care,
for deep warm hugs and being there.
I hope that when you think of me,
A part of you, you'll always see.

Love James

James / Jill Barney (lovers)  Read >>
James / Jill Barney (lovers)
   i dont think there's one second i dont think of you...  people said i should try to get a bf to get you of my mind and i did... it didn't work.. in my opinion it made everything worse.. because i relaize there was no one like you and that could make me have those butterflies everytime you would come near me... and i just want you... when casey would try to hold my hand id always pull away at first cuz i felt like you were watching... then i went out with "someone" and when he would say i love you id cringe cuz it didnt feel right.. even though its been almost 7 months im still not over u and me being together... i want to kiss you one more time.. or zip me up in your jacket with you like we use to at vista... you would always keep me warm if  i got cold.. in my dreams your always right there but u never talk u just sit there holding me and kiss my fore head... i dont understand what it means and i probably never will..

i love you james
if i had one wish id be for you and sara to come back 
i miss every second with you two

James / Mom (Mom)  Read >>
James / Mom (Mom)
Just thinking of you today and missing you, too.  I miss your smile, your laugh and you being the crazy kid at the grocery store.  I see those cars everywhere and it pains me but I feel you are there....watching us.  I hope so, because we need you.  Please protect us and keep those that want to hurt us, away from us.  I love you, Mom Close
Errrrr! / Nicole McGahey (Friend)  Read >>
Errrrr! / Nicole McGahey (Friend)
James you are so amazing and gifted with family and friends who love and miss you! I dont understand how god took you from us mostly your Mom and Jess. I dont know how they can do it. I know we never got to hang outside of school but i miss our talks...You being all drunk with your buddys and me fighting with George off and on. And weird as it is I miss it like crazy...And cry every time I see your pictures or see movies with someone losing a loved one. You are a God to us! I have lost sooo much in life but never cryed like this. But when I just take a glance at your picture or read something your mom or sis wrote I break into tears! You have left 2 special girls who i can see need you alot!! Jess is so strong, but i dont kno how she pulls it off. Being able to talk to people about it, its crazy I wish I can be strong and brave like her! I dont know what I would do if I lost my big brother... James I wish I could take your place so you can come back home to your girls!!!!!! I love you James im in Oceanside if you ever want to vist me... Close
James and Wendy, We Miss You but Can't Let You Go!!!  / JULIEANN WIEST (GODMOTHER DAUGHTER )  Read >>
James and Wendy, We Miss You but Can't Let You Go!!!  / JULIEANN WIEST (GODMOTHER DAUGHTER )
James and Wendy 
I am so sorry we didn't get to know you better and be there for you like we should have been but our life just change in a blink of an eye. Just how one minute you were ith us and then suddenly taken away from all of us. I know your mom miss you very much and so does you sister. All i can remember about you is the younger years and all the freckals. You and your sister were so cute. You guys grew up so handsom and her beautiful. I hope you can forgive me for not being the person i should've have been to you and your sister. I will always have you in my heart and mind. I will try to be there more for your sister if she needs someone to talk to, to cry to or just get away. I have something for you and your mom to ease the pain and loss of you. I hope you bot enjoy it. I love you both very much and James you'll be missed always.....
      Miss Me but Let Me Go
When I come to the end of the road
     Athe sun has set for me,
I want no rites in a gloom-filled room.
     Why cry for a soul set free?
Miss me a little, but not too long
     A not with your head bowed low.
Remember the love that we once shared,
     Miss me, but let me go
For this is a journey we all must take
     And each must go alone.
It's all a part of the Mater's plan,
    A step onto the road home.
    ---unknown author----
I set you free and so we will be together with you. I love you James and Wendy

Sweet James  / Rhonda (friend)  Read >>
Sweet James  / Rhonda (friend)
Sweet James,
Olivia and I were driving to Ventura last weekend and we heard your song that they played at your funeral.  We both started crying.  
Your funeral was the most touching and most loving thing I have ever experienced.  When all your friends started singing that song to you, oh my, what a feeling that was, overwhelming with love and sadness at the same time.  Everyone in that place loves you so much.  I will never ever forget that feeling.  The whole church was singing and hugging your mom , Rob and Jessica.  It was a very special and touching moment.  I know you saw everyone and I know that you were there inspiring everyone to take care of your family.  James thank you for sharing that special momnet with all of us.  That moment will live in our hearts forever along with your spirit.  
Keep your hand on on Moms shoulder to help guide her thru the tough times, because we all know  that a JOYFUL Day will soon be coming.  The Day that we will meet all our loved ones taken too soon.
Until then help us all make the right choices to walk down the right path.
Love you James Close
hey bro....i miss u  / Jessica Gurevich (little sister )  Read >>
hey bro....i miss u  / Jessica Gurevich (little sister )
james i miss u so much its unbelievable!!! i keep making these "big decisions" and i wish u were here to help me with them....its hard to be here knowing ur not here with me.....i quit smoking...im getting good grades (going to school)....i ended that thing that u thought i should end that doesnt need to be mentioned....im doing all these things that i wouldnt normally do...and it makes me realize that im growing up....but i dont want to grow up...not without u at least...i want my older brother here to help me with everything....god i miss u so mush....i cant believe its been over 5 months....i mean it seems like its been forever but to think already almost half a year....to tell u the truth i try not to think about thanksgiving....i rarely ever think about it...and when i do i get sad so i try not to....i try not to think about the times without u...and think more about the times with u cuz then i dont feel quite as sad....but i know u are still with me...i feel u all the time....i love u so much james......im gonna make u happy....and make some more "big decisions"...i just dont know what yet...lol.....i love u and i miss u so much!!!
<3 ur lil sis Close
My sweet son  / Mom (Mom)  Read >>
My sweet son  / Mom (Mom)
I just had it out with the driver of your car yesterday.  I am screaming at him--MR TOUGH GUY, you killed my boy and Dave.  I know people thought I was crazy screaming at nobody in the car......I just got so mad and I know that I will NEVER have answers til the day we meet again, but I will always wonder why.  I miss you so much sweetie and love you even more.  I feel that one moment of stupidity and speed took you from me and Dave from Ingrid and the kids.  I know Joe is also missed by the family, but he was the cause of this.....This sounds bad, but I am sorry----I MUST GET IT OUT.  James wherever you are, please forgive my anger.  I just feel like he took 2 people from their families all for one moment of speeding and not thinking.  The worst part---nobody calls from that part of the family to see if we are dead or alive............If they cared, we would hear something.  I know if the tables were turned and you were driving.....oh man I just don't know......I certainly would feel some sort of responsibility and do my damned best to make sure they were all ok.  I know there was nothing intentionally done, but it was done, none the less.  Rob and I have a real hard time speaking his name in our home............We love you and miss you and I am sorry for rambling......gotta get it out though.  Love you, Mom Close
Message to my Godson....  / Rosanna Wiest (godmother)  Read >>
Message to my Godson....  / Rosanna Wiest (godmother)
My dearest Godson...
Saw your mom on Saturday...April 22, 06...at Best Buy store., she was with your step dad Rob and step brother.  Actually I was being nosey (smile) and looking at their cart to see if it what they bought was a receiver.  And then I looked up and there was your Mom.  I called her name and went to her and we both hug and of course her tears just broke my heart. I asked God to give me stength and be conforting to her while she was holding on to me.  And He did...I know in my heart that you saw us both.  
I promise to you that I will continue to pray for your moms healing in this process of her grieving . 
Well , my Godson., Stay cool....up in Heaven...with all the Angels..and I will write you again soon...love your nina..Rosanna : )
5 months today  / Mom (Mom)  Read >>
5 months today  / Mom (Mom)
Well, you have been gone from us almost 1/2 a year.....It still feels like yesterday.  They had funeral services for Casey Morris yesterday. Your sister went, and she is a strong girl.  I really thought she should not have gone, but she insisted.  Life is different without you and we all miss you so very much.  I love you my dear one.....Please visit sometime!  Love you, forever,Mom Close
5 MONTHS =[  / Lyndsey Johnson (Best Friends )  Read >>
5 MONTHS =[  / Lyndsey Johnson (Best Friends )


JAMES / Debbie WENGERT (Kevin's Mom )  Read >>
JAMES / Debbie WENGERT (Kevin's Mom )

James / Mom (Mom forever )  Read >>
James / Mom (Mom forever )

I am missing you so very much today, not that I don't always, but some days are so much damned harder than others.  I will be in conversation, laughing, talking, etc.  Then I will look at something or you will pop into my head, and BAM.....the feeling hit again.  You are gone, never coming back......passed.....whatever you want to call it.  I cannot seem to really get past this and probably never will.  I love you my son. Please visit us......we could sure use you right now.


Love, Mom

JAMES / Lyndsey Johnson (best friends. )  Read >>
JAMES / Lyndsey Johnson (best friends. )

I have been thinking about you so much lately, more than ever. Life without you sucks. You always had a way to get me off grounding, you were the only person who had listened to me cry, and it was you who I could trust telling all my secrets to and know it was between you and I. Sometimes I'll forget and think "hey, let's call James." I hate it. I want you back, James. I could never picture something like this happening to YOU. You were so strong and I guess it just always seemed like something could happen to you and you were never hurt by it. Everything in your way seemed so harmless. You're a legend my friend and you've made so many people come together. And only you... could eat SO MANY chicken soft tacos and not gain a pound. I miss you a lot James and I think part of the reason WHY I can't get you off my mind is simply because I don't know where you are, what you're doing, what you're thinking. I guess I'm still so used to the fact of you still being around. But I dont know. I Love you so much. And as my favorite country singer once said "So I'll you on the other side... If I make it; And it might be a long hard ride... But I'm gonna take it; Sometimes it seems that I don't have a prayer, let the weather take me anywhere, But I know that I wanna go where the streets are gold cause YOU'LL be there..." [and so forth] [awesome song by the way; you'd hate it]. Anyways I LOVE YOU JAMES AND CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU!

Hello / Wendy Stikkelman (Mom)  Read >>
Hello / Wendy Stikkelman (Mom)
James I just found out one of your friends died in his sleep.  His name was Casey Morris.   I feel for his parents.  I hope you are there to welcome him.  We miss you, hon.  Some days are so much harder than others.  It is like we are living behind a curtain and from other people's eyes, we look the same, but from our side, we are SO very different.  I love you

Mom Close
happy easter bro!!!  / Jessica (little sis )  Read >>
happy easter bro!!!  / Jessica (little sis )
james happy easter...every day i wonder what ur doing, what ur thinking, and who ur with.....i wish u were here with us...ur in a better place now tho so i cant even think of u coming back from this whole thing....i really wish u were here...everything REALLY SUX right now...i have so many things on my mind and so many stresses and i just wish u were here to help me with them.....i am doing better in school tho...i got my report card...i got 2 As, 3 Bs and 1 C.....oh and thanx for helping me out the other night when i asked u for help...and i will keep my promise....i love u james and i miss u more than anything!!!!
<3 sis Close
Happy Easter in Heaven, James  / Mom (Mommy)  Read >>
Happy Easter in Heaven, James  / Mom (Mommy)
Just thinking of you your first Easter in Heaven.  This is a day of rebirth.......I wish you could be like Jesus and rise again. 
That would be so nice, but we know that cannot happen.  All I can say is, we are just 1 day closer to you each day we live here.  I look forward to the day we are reunited again, mother and son.  I love you, James.
'Happy Easter in Heaven" Close
brother james  / ED Zeppelin (friend)  Read >>
brother james  / ED Zeppelin (friend)

James, i love you man. what i wouldnt give to hear your laugh again, hear you say "WOO!", or just see you. i have thought about you a lot, from the time you left us to now and will for many years to come. im glad i got the chance to know you as long as i did. without you, i wouldnt be the person i am today. we had good times together begining in freshman year. oh freshman year, a year of mischief, getting away with everything and just all around good times. to sophmore year, more mischief, and more good times. even the latter years, junior and senior, you were always someone i could chill with, share some good times and hang out. this spring break is different without you. life is different without you. its moving on though slowly but surely. i saw the pic of us in the photo album and i nearly cried, that was so long ago! i still had my hair... i think that was before you burned it! but dont worry about it, its all good, besides, it grew back... only to get cut again... i love you man. i hope to see you again someday, but not for a long time...

Love your friend,


Spring Break 2006  / Nicole McGahey (Friend)  Read >>
Spring Break 2006  / Nicole McGahey (Friend)
James this spring break I went to Havasu with my brothers and their friends. Guess my brothers best friends name.... Give up? JAMES! I loved it! At first it wasnt wierd so right away I said "I HAVE a FRIEND name JAMES." I dont think he really cared, infact i think he probley thought I was random as hell or crazy. But seriously he was about your hieght and smoked stupid cancer, smelly sticks like you! And than I swear to god there was a Monster drink just chillin on the table (I wanted to drink it so bad, not knowing whos it was) Than JAMES(my bros friend) got up and grab it, and freaking handed it to me and said KM? I freaked the F out! I  just looked into this kids eyes wating for you to pop out of him! James Aaron Gurevich, you left a powerful memory to all the kids I see in Simi Valley! I have never seen so many monster cans around Apollo High School, sense you transfered to a better place. I really hope to see you soon, we need to talk! Buh Bye Hottie, I love you! Close
Show me your love from Heaven, James  / Mom (Mom)  Read >>
Show me your love from Heaven, James  / Mom (Mom)
James I have such a hard time sometimes knowing you are never coming home.  I brought your motorcycle home this weekend.  We cleaned it up for you and we are going to get the damned thing running if it's the last thing I do.  Everyone misses you and sometimes it is so hard to see your friends, because it makes me realize you are really gone.  Last night we dropped Jessica off to meet your best buds, Matt and Lyndsey.  They were walking up to the van holding hands.  I know you that is the TRUE match made in Heaven.  Anyway, It made me so sad, because I would see YOU walking along with them.  Now you are only there in spirit.  I am selfish, I want my baby back.  I MISS MY SON!!!!!  I will never get over the NOT knowing why Joe took that road that night.  WHY he drove so fast. WHY he drove at all!  A little bit of anger is creeping in today and I need to get past this.  You all paid the ultimate price, LIFE.  God Bless you James, Joe and David.  I will miss you always!

Love, Mom Close
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