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HAPPY EASTER JAMES  / Tami-Mom Of Angel Ryan Hook   Read >>
HAPPY EASTER JAMES  / Tami-Mom Of Angel Ryan Hook
He's with you  / ANGELA PITTMAN (GP MOM )  Read >>
He's with you  / ANGELA PITTMAN (GP MOM )
Hello mother of James,
I just want to let you know that things will be okay and that your James is watching out for you. I will turn the big 40 on September 26th and believe me I can't believe how those years went by( laugh) Your James and my Javarus are both watching over their hurting mothers. http://javarus-mccormick.memory-of.com Close
james / GoOmBa (friend)  Read >>
james / GoOmBa (friend)
james since you have passed i have realized new things that will forever change my life. i want to change the world. the day will come where the world will see my power. i will change it in your name james. i will never forget you. i love you james. love, GoOmBa Close
HAPPY EASTER JAMES!  / Mom Of Angel Rebecca Vidmosko   Read >>
HAPPY EASTER JAMES!  / Mom Of Angel Rebecca Vidmosko
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Happy Easter James  / Debbie Wright (Kevin's Mom )  Read >>
Happy Easter James  / Debbie Wright (Kevin's Mom )
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To you  / Mom (Mother)  Read >>
To you  / Mom (Mother)
James it seems like it has rained more than it hasn't since you passed.  How depressing.  I miss you and want you to PLEASE connect with us.  We could use this from you. I believe that it will help us all to get over this hump we are on.  we miss you very much.  Hugs and kisses to you my sweet son. Close
I know how really alive you are  / Ashley Mendez (moms friend )  Read >>
I know how really alive you are  / Ashley Mendez (moms friend )
James and family, being a minister , saved from the grips of death myself at one time. I can tell you all that James only left his body his soul is very much alive and well. the truth of reuniting with loved ones again someday is real. James in not a part of the past but a part of our future. only a few more short years. love to all God bless you!!!!!  ashley Close
Missing you  / Wendy (Mom)  Read >>
Missing you  / Wendy (Mom)
Today has been somewhat of a tearful day and it is only 8:10 am.  It is so hard here without you.  Please watch over Jessie.  She is REALLY depressed and needs your comfort and guidance right now.  I am worried about her.  The joy for life, and her happiness is just gone.  I love you and look forward to the day I can kiss you, hug you, hold you and spend eternity with you again.  Love you, Mom Close
Thinking of you  / Jane Jones (Matts Mom - GP )  Read >>
Thinking of you  / Jane Jones (Matts Mom - GP )
Thinking of you and sharing your pain.  May God be with us all during these difficult days.
James / Wendy (Mother)  Read >>
James / Wendy (Mother)
Missing my handsome young man today and always.  We are coming up on 4 months.....It seems like forever yet it is not.  Happy St. Patricks Day my little one.
Love, Mom Close
hey jamesh  / LYNCHEY (best friend )  Read >>
hey jamesh  / LYNCHEY (best friend )
James. Last night we celebrated Nick's 18th. It would've been awesome if you could've been there. we all miss you so much. me and matt are back together and doing really good. But anyways just wanted to write and tell you that i think of you all the time. there's not even 20 MINUTES that goes by that you show up in my mind. I Love you, a lot. Hope you're having a bomb time up there my friend. Please dont ever forget me. I Love you Brother. Close
hey / Matt Mcgowan (Best Friends )  Read >>
hey / Matt Mcgowan (Best Friends )
hey just wanted to say hello, and that i miss you,  i cant wait to see you again.
hey guess what i saw aunt benie at my work yesterday, lol. well anyways i will come to see you tomorrow, cant wait to go chill peace out homie, i love and miss you so... much.....

take care Close
3 Months 3 Weeks  / Mom (Mom)  Read >>
3 Months 3 Weeks  / Mom (Mom)
I miss you so much James.  Crystal is doing a project at school and she is using your accident as an example.  I hope it teaches other kids the dangers of alcohol and speeding.  You and Dave were just passengers and didn't deserve to go this way.  I know the driver didn't mean it, but still I keep wondering..........why?  I really love you and wish for you to come see us in our dreams.
Love, Mom Close
hi... / Mjm   Read >>
hi... / Mjm
hey james..... i wish you were here, i realy need your help. im losing the one i love... if you were here it would make things a whole lot easier.
can you just some how show her how much i love her. and how much i want to be with her.
everytime i get closer it seems i get farther away, there is alot to do with whats going on but i just wanted to let you know that i love her with all my heart, and thats not gonna change, and that i dont want to fight with her anymore. thanks for listening i love you homie.
take care. Close
2005 / Mom (Mother)  Read >>
2005 / Mom (Mother)
James it is ironic, I am visitor number 2005......the year you went to be with Jesus.  I miss you today and always will.  All my love to you in Heaven!!
Love, Mom Close
JAMES / Debbie Wengert (Kevins Mom )  Read >>
JAMES / Debbie Wengert (Kevins Mom )
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hey / Matt Mcgowan (best friend )  Read >>
hey / Matt Mcgowan (best friend )
james..... i miss you so much i just want to let you know that im trying for you, me and lyndsey may have not worked out even though i want it to, but i will never stop being there for her.
and jesse, i love that girl so much im trying to keep her out of trouble and she knows that i am just looking out for you, your mom seems to be doing better and i know that is what you want, i love you and your family, i hope you are having a good time, i cant wait to see you again.
 miss when we used to drive around and just yell at people randomly I miss it.
im trying to be a better person and a better friend. i just wanted to let you know that, im comin to see you tomorrow. cant wait..

peace yames!!! Close
James / Mom   Read >>
James / Mom
James I miss you so much.  You spent Grandma Gail and Papa John's birthdays in heaven with them.  I miss them too......I hope you are there with them and are happy.  We keep seeing your friends at the cemetary and it hurts that we need to go THERE to visit you.  I pray you are ok and in God's caring arms.  I love you Close
Thinking of you  / Jane Jones (Matts Mom (GP) )  Read >>
Thinking of you  / Jane Jones (Matts Mom (GP) )
James just thinking of you and all our other Angels gone way too soon.  I hope you and Matt have become heavenly buddies.  Stay close to your mom she needs you so much.  There is a bond between a mother and a son that will never be broken even in death.  I am praying for you all.

WOW / Mom (Mom)  Read >>
WOW / Mom (Mom)
I love you! Close
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