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Alway's our Angel  / Debi Johnson (Best friends mom )  Read >>
Alway's our Angel  / Debi Johnson (Best friends mom )
Oh my god, I just wrote this whole thing to you.... and lost it somehow in the shuffle..... James, I miss you.   My baby (Lyndsey misses you so... much).  I thank god everyday that you were there for me and that you gave me your mom...... I truly know that you know that was meant to be. You were all there for my lose as simple as it may be compared to your moms but she never treated me like "she" was only a friend and ya know what that meant (and still means) the world to me..... Because of you and Lyndsey I have a friend for life, I thank you..... find my Julie, she is one helll.... of an angel... she'll help you find the peace and whatever else you may look for up there.... she helped us all down here.... trust me..... Close
james mannn!  / Lyndsey Johnson (Besht French )  Read >>
james mannn!  / Lyndsey Johnson (Besht French )
hey dude. just writing to tell you i miss you a lot and think of you all the time. i always think of that one day with you me and nick and it was just nonstop fun all day. And when we saw that dead squirrel in the street and you told nick to pick it up and take a picture with it and you'd but him a pack of smokes. So he did it. And you really did buy him a pack. And when we saw Cassidy's baby doll and took it to Vista and lit it on fire and well yeah. i miss that day so much. I love you james and miss you ALOT! I hope to see you soon. Close
God I miss you  / Wendy (Mom)  Read >>
God I miss you  / Wendy (Mom)
Just thinking about you.........Not that you ever leave my thoughts.  I wonder what Heaven is like.  I miss you and wish things could have been so different.  Loving you,
Mom Close
Happy St. Patrick's Day James  / Debbie Wengert (Kevin's Mom )  Read >>
Happy St. Patrick's Day James  / Debbie Wengert (Kevin's Mom )

I wish I Had Really Known You  / Linda (Malcolm) Wood (Best Friend of James' grandma, Gail )  Read >>
I wish I Had Really Known You  / Linda (Malcolm) Wood (Best Friend of James' grandma, Gail )
I loved your grandma, Gail, and was with her the day she first saw your grandpa, Johnny, when we were just 14 years old walking down Helen Street in Wrightwood. Your grandma and I were inseparable throughout our teenage years and years beyond. I was the maid of honor at her marriage to your grandpa and she was matron of honor at mine. I watched your mother grow inside your grandma and held and rocked your mother when she was finally ushered into the world. Her middle name, Lynn, was for me. I met you once when you were with your grandma, but how I regret not being able to really get to know you. Did you have the same sharp funny wit as your grandma? My heart grieves for your mom at such a deep deep loss. She has endured so much loss over the last three years. She loved you so much as did your grandma. You made them both proud. Close
3 months  / Crystal Sloan (Friend)  Read >>
3 months  / Crystal Sloan (Friend)

Its been three months now.. and your still gone. The reality of it all is starting to seep in. Your gone. Now i could say its not true and cross the world searching for you.. but where would i end up? People say ignorance is bliss, but yet no one can ignore the fact that your not at school, at home, on the corner by your house, or with your friends. We miss you so much. I wear my dog tag with your name everyday.. I hold it close to me, and hope your watching over me.. and everyone else.. and especially your mom. She must be an angle as well, for she created you. She needs your strength, James. We all do. I hope to see you again someday, and I hope where you are right now is as good as they say.

Love always,

Tomorrow / Wendy ((Mom))  Read >>
Tomorrow / Wendy ((Mom))

will be the 24th----the long months since the accident.  It gets no easier.  I do know, though, that you are all around me and watching over us.  James, I STILL wake up or stop what I am doing and think "James is really gone".  It is still so unreal that I think I just put myself into denial.  Thank God for the GP Group.  I'm not sure where I would be without them.  I LOVE YOU!!
Love, Mom

12 weeks today  / Mom (Mother)  Read >>
12 weeks today  / Mom (Mother)
http://www.GlitterMaker.com/ - Glitter Graphics
http://www.GlitterMaker.com/ - Glitter Graphics Close
Your smile  / Rhonda G. (Friend)  Read >>
Your smile  / Rhonda G. (Friend)
Happy Valentines Day. You are probably surrounded by amazing people that left this world before you.  Your were probably welcomed with  overwhelming Love and Grace.  What a terrific way  to spend your first Valentines Day in Heaven.  Up where there is no Hate and no Judging.  Just the most beauty and amazing warmth and Spirit.  No pain and No I told you so's.  Everyone down here misses you oh so much.  I am triing to keep in touch with your Mom.  She misses you terribily.  Your Spirit lives inside of your whole family.  You give them strength to carry on day by day.   Keep a watchful eye on all your friends and family down here.  Lay your magical hand in your Mom's hand when she is walking or driving or just missing you.  I know she can feel you around her.  She is amazing I am so thankful she is my friend. 
James always keep smiling and keep sending down your wonderful inspiration,  your wisdom and your Spirit.
You will help guide us to make the right choices in our lives.
Happy Valentines Day.
Rhonda G
Happy Valentines Day  / Mom   Read >>
Happy Valentines Day  / Mom

Happy Valentines Day, my sweet kid.  I really miss you and wish you were here to eat candy like you always loved to do.........I know you are eating the best candy you can eat up there with Grandma Gail and Pappa John.  Give them a hug for me, and I am sending you the most incredible hugs you can ever imagine.  I love you!

Hello my son  / Wendy (Mom)  Read >>
Hello my son  / Wendy (Mom)
I sat at your grave yesterday with Nick, Jason, Matt, Lindsey, Corey, your sister Jessie and your Aunt Beanie.  We talked about you and cried, too.  We are really missing you so very much and can't seem to understand why God took you from us so soon.  It just doesn't make any sense AT ALL!  We brought you some tulips, so you can be a bit closer to the Holland Graduation trip.  I know you are in a better place than that, though!  I just am so selfish and want you here with us to hold, hug, kiss, and love.......Miss you baby! Close
Passing By  / Debbie Wengert (Kevin's Mom )  Read >>
Passing By  / Debbie Wengert (Kevin's Mom )
HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY JAMES  / Tami (Angel Ryan Hook)   Read >>
Heartfelt Sympathy to Wendy, James's Mom  / Pat Parker (GP Mom of Brian & Tim )  Read >>
Heartfelt Sympathy to Wendy, James's Mom  / Pat Parker (GP Mom of Brian & Tim )
Wendy, Thank you for sharing the Beautiful Website of Your Son James with me. I am so sorry for Your Great Loss of Your Son James. What a Wonderful Young Man James was and is. I know how very much You must be missing Him. Sending Hugs to You and Your Sweet Son James ((((((((((((Wendy & James)))))))))))) Pat, Mom of Brian and Tim in Heaven (with Your Son James) I am sure my Sons have met Your James in Heaven, and Sean on Earth. Close
hey / Matt McGowan (Best Friend )  Read >>
hey / Matt McGowan (Best Friend )
hey, i miss you, I was watching some old footage of us acting like bums and what not last night, it got me thinking, how everything is different now without you, i want u to come back, but i know that where u are u are home now. i thank you for everything you have ever done for me, and i just wanted to tell u that me and lyndsey are good realy good, we both love you so much, im proud of your sister, she is going to school now and trying, i know that is what u wanted, im doing good as well i just got my report card back and i have 4 a's and two b's, not a 4.0 but it works, i just wanted to fill you in on whats going on. peace out james WOGGEDY WOGGEDY, <3 later Close
JAMMMMESSSS / Lyndsey Johnson (besht french )  Read >>
JAMMMMESSSS / Lyndsey Johnson (besht french )
i miss you so soooo much.
not a day goes by james, where i dont think about you.
what happened to you, i will always remember 
and forever i will always remember all the memories we shared.
and im sorry you never got to drink another beer with my dad.
you were somethin else kiddo, you changed me...
and i think if i wouldve never met you, matt, or nick i wouldnt be the person i am today.
you always told me to make the better decisions and i never listened to you. but if you could see me now, im sure you'd be proud.

i hope you're having a bomb time in heaven my friend and until we meet again... i love you bro [like a fat kid loves cake]... and please remember me. you're the first person im looking for when i come up there. i love you sooooooo much. Close
I am so sorry for the loss of James and his cousins. He was a very handsome kid. I too had my son Chad at the young age of 18. I know your loss and feel your pain. I wish I could take it from you. My loss has been 6 years. Yours is so new and all I can do is pray for you. Please take care.
Love Debbie--Chad's Mom forever
James / Mom (Mother)  Read >>
James / Mom (Mother)

I think Rob and I cried ALL weekend.  We are really missing you and just can't grasp the fact that you are not coming home.  I am soo protective over your room and don't want anything to change.  I am so damned angry at the driver, and I know he is there with you, but why was he driving so damned fast???  James I only wish you could give me the answers we so desperately need.  Maybe we can go on, if only we knew for sure, WHY??  I hope you know how much we love you, James.  You are part of me and you took something inside me with you.  Please know we LOVE YOU always!

My dear James  / Mom Stikkelman (Mother)  Read >>
My dear James  / Mom Stikkelman (Mother)
I am missing you so much.  I can't wait for the day that we will be together again.  I wonder how Grandma Gail and Papa John are?  Hug them for me and tell them I love them, too.  I feel you with me so strong sometimes and other times I wonder where you went.  I hope you stay close as long as you can.  I miss your smell.  Love you!! Close
Missing You  / Wendy Stikkelman (Mother)  Read >>
Missing You  / Wendy Stikkelman (Mother)
Just wanted to tell you how much we miss you and wish you were here with us.  I am so sad sometimes and sometimes I think of you and I cry from all the wonderful memories we have of you.  You had the best sense of humor.  Grocery shopping isn't the same without you!  I love you, babe. Close
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